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Invest in the Highest-Rewards Safe Investment: Residential Real Estate

You want a safe place to grow your money. With savvy buys, an investment in real estate can net you higher returns than other low-risk investments.

It takes the right property, though, in the right location to earn those huge rewards. Partnering with a real estate investment firm that knows the real estate industry inside out is a must to ensure investment success. Because there are so many variables—changing neighborhoods, fluctuating rent prices, and home condition versus repair costs—you need a team that knows every angle of the business.

It’s not enough just to know the finance game. Only an agency that has experience with renovation costs, new construction, neighborhood assessments, and legal issues can help you find a safe real estate investment. An agency like Realty ProClub—whose broad and deep experience in every facet of the industry has helped it sell a huge number of properties nationwide.

Learn more from the real estate investment professionals at Realty ProClub. Contact them today.

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How You Can Invest in Real Estate with Your Self-Directed IRA

If you have a self-directed IRA, you know you must make active investments. Those investments can include real estate. Here’s how to use your self-directed IRA to invest in real estate:

The best thing about using your self-directed IRA to purchase a real estate investment is that your income from the property is tax deferred. Additionally, any contributions you make to your IRA, too, are tax deductible. Using your IRA to fund your real estate investment may just be the best decision you’ll ever make. Contact the team of real estate investment experts at Realty ProClub to learn more.

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How a Loan Can Amplify Your Real Estate Investment’s Earnings Exponentially

At first glance, it may seem like a waste to take out a loan on your investment property if you can pay cash. Think again. Leveraging the power of mortgages’ low interest rates against what you have to gain through more cash flow is actually a more savvy use of your money. Here’s why:

If you’re eligible for a loan on your real estate investment, be wise and take out a mortgage. With their broad network of lenders, the real estate investment gurus at Realty ProClub can find you a lender who will give you a great deal on a loan. Find out more today!

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Why the Right Real Estate Investment Is Safer than a CD

If safe means losing money to inflation and time, then an FDIC-insured CD would be safer than real estate. Sort of.

In addition to getting eaten alive by inflation, your FDIC-insured CD has a dirty little secret: The insurance only protects you in case the bank fails. It doesn’t cover fraud or hackers who steal your identity. With the dark Web growing in technological know-how, your “safe” investment isn’t so safe, after all.

It’s hard to hack a house. Even though thieves can break in and make off with your Rolex and your grandma’s wedding ring, they can’t cart off the house itself. Your actual investment is safe.

While it’s true that economic ups and downs can affect a home’s value, choosing the right real estate investment will protect you against many of these fluctuations. Furthermore, even in hard times, people need a place to live. You’ll usually be able to find someone to lease your property. After the economy recovers, your property will grow in value again.

The trick is—buying low and not pouring a lot of cash into your investment. At Realty ProClub, we can find you the kinds of properties that are safer than your brother’s CD. That way, while you’re raking in the lease proceeds to invest in another property, he’ll be losing his shirt due to inflation—not to mention losing a few hairs from his fear of identity theft.

Contact the real estate investment pros at Realty ProClub. Ask them to show you how you can invest safely in residential real estate today.

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How to Fund Your Retirement Income with Your Real Estate Investment

You want a decent income at retirement. How about an income that rakes in cash every month and grows in value with each passing year? That’s just what you can have if you invest in the right residential properties.

Leasing your investment properties will earn you a steady stream of income. It’s like having a steady job again—but instead of going to work every day, you’ll be able to enjoy your retirement.

Not only will you earn a steady income while you lease your property, you can also save on taxes if you fund your investment purchase with a mortgage. Every penny you pay in mortgage interest you’ll get to write off come tax time.

And, if you buy the right kinds of properties, they’ll only grow in value.

But those kinds of properties aren’t usually available on the open market. Before a property is listed, agents often entertain offers by investors. The money homeowners have to spend to renovate a property into one attractive enough for the market is huge. Many of them just don’t want the hassle.

With the right agency on your side, you, too, can discover these hidden gems that can fund your retirement. With our 30 years in the real estate business, we’ve developed relationships with lenders, banks, homeowners, and real estate agents. With our real-time mobile capability, we can get these properties vetted, priced, and into your hands before the competition.

If you want to have a steady income in your retirement, talk to us. Find out more today.

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How to Create $2,000 in Monthly Income with Just a $100,000 Investment

With the right property investments, you can create a $2,000 monthly income that’s fully insured and collateralized.

They have to be the right properties, though.

When you buy deeply discounted properties that need only cosmetic repairs, you can boost their value quickly without having to pay to repair costly structural damage. If those properties are in a growing neighborhood with good schools and high employment, their value grows even quicker after repair.

After you restore each property to pristine condition, you can get another appraisal. If they’ve appreciated in value as they should, you’ll have plenty of equity in each, which provides the collateral lenders need to reduce their risk.

Next, you’ll want to get that steady income coming in by leasing those properties to well-screened renters. With only $1,200 in rent each month from each property—which is cheap rent in most American cities—you’ll have an income of $2,000 a month plus enough to pay for maintenance and taxes. If you only paid $50,000 each for these properties—this could be you!

At Realty ProClub, our connections across the country provide us with property after property selling at bargain basement prices. We sift through each of them, find the ones that are structurally sound, in stable or growing neighborhoods, and in a top-notch school system to present to our Realty ProClub members.

With our team of real estate professionals, we can track down homes just like this—all around the United States. When you join Realty ProClub, you, too, can have a shot at making this kind of income—every month for the rest of your life.

Don’t wait—when you could be earning this kind of passive income in a matter of weeks. Let the real estate experts at Realty ProClub show you how today.

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