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Before you invest with Realty ProClub, you probably have a slew of questions—about us, about the investment properties themselves, and the likelihood of a good return on your investment. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the questions clients have asked us over the many years we’ve been in the real estate business.

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Questions About Realty ProClub

We’re where the real estate pros invest. But you’re not convinced with just a slogan. You need to know why we’re the Number One investment choice of real estate professionals. Ask away. Discover more before you invest with us.

Q: What real estate experience do you bring to the table?

When you invest in real estate, you need to partner with someone who knows home construction inside out. Many of the deeply discounted properties on the market need renovation. With decades of experience building homes and renovating distressed properties, we know which homes require pricey structural repairs and which ones require only cosmetic updates. We also have many years of experience selling homes to both investors and owner-occupants, so we’re well-versed on what homebuyers look for in a home, as well as the financial and legal aspects of real estate investment.

Q: How much in sales has Realty ProClub garnered over the years?

We have sold an incredibly huge dollar amount in residential real estate sales. We know what makes a home attractive to buyers so we’re able to advise our investors on the best possible properties to buy.

Q: In which regions of the country do you operate?

With our coast-to-coast network of homeowners and real estate professionals, we track down discounted properties all over the United States.

Q: Where do you find good properties for your clients to invest in?

With decades in the real estate business, we’ve built a huge network of contacts nationwide. With our connections among real estate agents and homeowners, we can track down great deals—even before they hit the market. From buying direct from homeowners to selling direct to investors, we have the real estate market on lock. Which is why we’re able to find and offer investors like you the best deals available—without all the hassle.

Q: Can you assure clients that the properties they buy are in decent shape and without encumbrances?

We sure can. We send our partners in the area out to the home to check out its condition, whether it’s still occupied or if there are any liens or other legal problems with transfer of ownership. That’s not all. Our people on the ground evaluate the neighborhood in which each property stands for school quality, nearby amenities, or any environmental hazards. Before we send you a lead, we’ll vet it completely. We’ll also calculate what it will cost to rehab the home. To top it off, we take video walkarounds, as well as photos, so you’ll be able to gauge the condition of the home for yourself.

Q: How do you ensure your clients don’t miss out on great deals?

Glad you asked. We employ the latest mobile technology so our clients can hear about opportunities in real time, not weeks or days later. Our cutting-edge mobile platform gets the word out before others do—so we can pass on the savings to our clients. Deeply discounted properties go fast. With our mobile-first platform, we track down these properties and deliver the news to you on your mobile device immediately.

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Questions About the Real Estate Investing Process

We’re where the real estate pros invest. But you’re not convinced with just a slogan. You need to know why we’re the Number One investment choice of real estate professionals. Ask away. Discover more before you invest with us.

Q: Why should I choose to invest in real estate?

Real estate is a tangible asset that grows in value over the years. Since everyone needs a place to live, residential real estate is a needed commodity no matter what the economic health of the country. In tough times, you can lease your property rather than selling it, allowing you to make money from the property even during an economic slump. Investing some of your portfolio in real estate allows you to diversify, spreading your risk across more asset classes.

Q: How do I make money from my investment property?

After you finish any needed repairs or remodeling, you can generate income by either leasing your property or selling it immediately after you remodel. If you want extra cash immediately to invest in other properties, you can sell your property right away. If, on the other hand, you want a consistent stream of passive income to boost your cash flow, leasing is the best way to go.

Q: I don’t have the money to pay for my investment property outright. How can I afford to invest?

You’ll be happy to discover that most investors don’t purchase their properties with cash. Financing is a great option to help you keep more liquid cash in your pocket. Our long-term relationship with lenders all over the country helps our clients score great deals on loans as well. We also offer crowdfunding. Crowdfunding allows you to pool your funds with those of other investors to get your foot in the door of real estate investing. You can get started with a relatively small investment.

Q: How quickly can I get started investing in real estate with Realty ProClub?

You can start receiving great deals in your inbox as soon as a few weeks from the day you become a member of Realty ProClub.

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