What Makes Us Different?
The ProClub Process

Through real-time discovery and a comprehensive network of properties in your market, ProClub brings the best, most motivated sellers front-and-center. These sought-after opportunities paired with expert-driven, highly vetted info and intel on each property makes the entire process totally turnkey—and totally profitable. The end result? You close more, better deals in less time.

The Deal Club Process

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ProClub fills the funnel with inbound and outbound leads, as well as through mobile property discovery and our Remote Discovery teams



ProClub Researchers investigate the property details and begin building the file.



ProClub conducts remote inspections and creates comps and rehab estimates.



The file goes to a ProClub member who closes the deal, rehabs and sells the house.

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The Process That Leads To Profits

A mobile army of local talent finding unlisted houses for investors like you.
A team of researchers find you properties worth investing in.
An industry—first remote inspection process informs the offer
Real estate experts provide comps to help investors determine the true value of a property.
ProClub’s exclusive call center vets incoming leads for authenticity and motivation.
Get a comprehensive file with everything YOU need to close the deal, instantly.

Only Pay For The Deals That Close

Simple. Easy. Profitable.

We know the drill—we've definitely done this before. We've invested huge amounts in “hot leads”—AKA homeowners who are completely underwater, own half of a duplex or are dealing with some other property scenario that, simply, won’t work out in our favor.  

And that’s the worst—and that’s no way to make a deal.  

Our goal? Take all of that out of the equation—including the added overhead. That’s why ProClub Members only pay for leads they close. Even better? Fees are paid at the first closing, leaving your eventual net 100% in your hands.  

Think about it: you purchase and rehab the house, paying Mobile Agency a small fee for creating and tracking the lead. Then, at close, we’re “bought out” of the process, leaving you with the rehab and eventual sale—a sale you drive from start to finish and a sale only you benefit from.  

It’s the ultimate way to do business—and the only way it works in the Club.

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Joining ProClub is free for qualified buyers and investors. Just tell us who you are, where you are and what kinds of properties you’re interested in bidding on and we’ll get you synched with some of the best undiscovered deals in your markets.